About me
About me
About me

In a nutshell

Hi there, I'm Katherine! I’m a product designer, artist, founder, and side project creator. On and off, I’ve also been running my own illustration brand called Meridrop, creating murals and doing both personal and client work.

Professional life

Most recently, I co-founded Formfunction, a platform for independent creators to sell digital art. At Formfunction I played a multi-hyphenated role as CEO, sole designer, people manager, and head of comms, product, operations, and everything in between.

In our first year of operation, we helped independent creators and artists earn $5 million by selling their digital art, and built a beautiful product with one of the best user experiences in the web3 space. Internally, I led our $4.7M seed round fundraise from firms like Variant Fund and Pear VC and grew our team to 10 people.

Previously, I was a product designer at Instagram, where I designed products to fight against online bullying and harassment. Before that, I designed new storytelling platforms at Facebook and a pilot program encouraging public transit at IDEO. During my college years, I studied human-computer interaction, psychology, and philosophy at Stanford University.

Personal life

When I’m not making things, I like to play ukulele, forage for mushrooms, and pick up new and increasingly complicated creative hobbies (most recent: hand building ceramics).

I’ve been passionate about illustration for many years, and have been grateful to grow my illustration brand, Meridrop. It hasn’t always been a smooth journey and I took a long hiatus as I was founding Formfunction, but I’m back on track now with lots of exciting new projects!

I build most of my side projects (e.g. Minymon, Harken) with my partner Matt, who was also my co-founder for Formfunction and an incredible engineer. Together, we’ve built 3 Top Products on Product Hunt.


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